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9 Tips for Losing Visceral Fat

The main obstacle to a successful loss of weight is certainly visceral (internal) fat, which is also the most dangerous type of fat in the human body. It is not as easy to get rid of as other fatty deposits. Find out why.

What is visceral fat?

It is the fat that accumulates around the vital organs of the abdominal cavity (which is why it is also called abdominal fat) and is stored under the muscle.

Positive functions of visceral fat:

– protects the internal organs from external shocks;
– maintains an optimal body temperature;
– Serves the body as one of the backup sources of energy.

The danger of excess visceral fat:

– disrupts blood pressure;
– disrupts the normal functioning of the intestine, liver and other organs;
– causes varicose veins;
– May be a trigger for heart attack or cardiovascular disease, due to constant pressure on the heart region;
– it slows down the metabolism;
– increases the risk of atherosclerosis (when visceral fat enters the liver, it turns into cholesterol, which can clog blood vessels);
– increases sensitivity to insulin, which is a common trigger for type 2 diabetes and obesity;
– increases the risk of hepatic steatosis;
– disturbs the hormonal balance.

With all of this, excess visceral fat increases belly fat, which is difficult to remove when it comes to this type of fat.

How to get rid of excess visceral fat?

If the subcutaneous fat is first removed from the body, it will be difficult to expel visceral fat. Keep in mind that no liposuction can handle this type of fat. But over time, some of these habits will help you get rid of dangerous fats:

1. Avoid heavy diets

A self-healing diet will help you in the long run. No rapid diet can remove visceral fat. On the contrary, if the body is subjected to a rigorous diet, it will defend itself by the additional creation of visceral fat reserves.

2. Do not throw carbohydrates

After all, they are one of the main sources of energy. When the amount of carbohydrate is significantly reduced, the body sets up a strategy of energy conservation: it deposits visceral fat! However, carefully choose carbohydrates – be it cereals, bananas, whole grains of quality cereals …

3. Uniform breakfast

A good breakfast involves a combination of protein, carbohydrates and fiber. In this case, you will have less desire to snack and sweeten later in the day.

4. Spine exercises

It may seem disconnected and illogical at the moment, but it is actually very important. Spine exercises will provide you with a healthy spine and excellent posture, which are in fact the foundation of health, beauty and youth! When it comes to visceral fat, stretching the spine helps the organs find their place, the abdominal fat begins to break down and the belly gradually disappears.

5. Drink lots of water

Hot or as hot as possible. The body needs water to transport and remove excess and toxins, and warm water further speeds up the process. Drink 30 ml of water per kilogram of your weight every day; therefore, if you have 60 kg, the minimum quantity is 1.8 l.

6. Include vitamin C and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in your diet

These elements not only heal practically the whole body, but they help to normalize and speed up the work of the metabolism. Omega acids provide a feeling of fullness and, in combination with exercise, stimulate muscle growth and contribute to faster fat removal. Vitamin C, on the other hand, accelerates fat loss by up to 30%.

7. Strengthen your side muscles

The best way to put them all together is to do exercises on a board. See here how it works properly.
Strong lateral muscles help the organs to stay in their natural position, but also relieve the spine and contribute to better posture.

8. Strengthening metabolic processes in the abdomen

These are exercises and massages that improve blood circulation and the metabolism of the abdomen. Did you know that the body burns fat faster in areas where blood circulation is faster?

The exercise presented in the video below is perfect for this because it improves the flexibility of the spine, the functioning of the digestive system and accelerates the breakdown of fat in the abdomen.

9. The Walk

Walking is the safest and most effective physical activity for burning and eliminating fat faster. Now you know all the details, start fighting visceral fat today. Good luck!