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Apply this natural treatment to your hair and it won’t stop growing!

Hair problems generally manifest themselves in two signs: hair loss or non-existent growth. Complementary treatments, fortifying shampoos and other chemical products, the cosmetics industry keeps on offering us expensive solutions for a problem that only requires an effective combination of natural ingredients. Here’s a castor oil, vitamin E and coconut oil-based mask to give you all the benefits of silky, healthy hair.

A hair to fall to the ground and a thickness to make Franck Provost jealous in person, it’s obviously the Indian people we’re referring to. Did you know that according to Lipid Insights, castor oil production in India varies between 250,000 and 300,000 tons per year? And for good reason, its cosmetic and therapeutic benefits hold no secrets for this fascinating people. In fact, Vogue India devotes an entire article to it, extolling its many virtues!

Castor oil

Ricinus communis, from which castor oil is derived, is a plant belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family. Rich in beneficial properties for the skin and hair, it improves hair growth thanks to its purifying virtues. As Emilie Jolibois, expert in cosmetic ingredients at Glamour Paris magazine, explains, the ricinoleic acid content of this oil helps slow down hair loss and strengthens the hair shaft.

Vitamin E

According to The Tropical Life Sciences Research, vitamin E has properties that are beneficial to people with alopecia. As this article explains, this disease, which is characterized by baldness and accelerated hair loss, is generally due to lower levels of antioxidants in the scalp and increased lipid peroxidation. Thanks to the presence of tocotrienols in vitamin E, scientists have reportedly observed a decrease in oxidative stress in patients as well as a decrease in lipid peroxidation, thus minimizing baldness.

Rosemary essential oil

According to Vogue, a guru magazine of the fashion and femininity world, rosemary oil is an effective ally in the fight against fine and fragile hair. This article dedicated to natural remedies refers in particular to a study published by Skinmed Dermatology for the Clinician. According to the scientists, the topical application of rosemary oil twice a day over a period of 6 months would have allowed patients to effectively treat their alopecia.

Coconut oil

In an article dedicated to the natural methods to take care of his hair, Cosmopolitan magazine calls on Mauricio Cifuentes, an eco-certified organic hairdresser and owner of the Mauricio hair salon in New York. He looks at the benefits of coconut oil. He explains that thanks to the polyunsaturated fatty acids and phytochemicals it contains, its use provides intense hydration of the scalp and an antioxidant action that regenerates the skin and prevents breakage.


– 3 teaspoons of castor oil

– 3 vitamin E capsules

– 20 drops of rosemary essential oil

– Coconut oil

– Aloe vera


1. Pour the castor oil into a bowl.

2. Add the oil contained in the vitamin E capsules to it.

3. Then pour the essential oil of rosemary.

4. Mix it all together and store the mixture in a dark, airtight glass bottle.

Tips for use

Before applying the product, make sure your scalp is clean and completely dry. In a bowl, put a tablespoon of your preparation and dilute it with a spoonful of coconut oil and half a spoonful of Aloe Vera gel.

Apply this oil to your roots by gently massaging your scalp for 10 to 15 minutes. Leave on overnight and wash your hair the next day with a shampoo and mild conditioner.

Cautionary notes

If you have skin with an allergic tendency, test beforehand by placing a drop of each oil on your arm.