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Avocado is a natural medicine: 7 reasons to eat it as soon as possible

In European countries, the prices of this ripe and creamy little fruit have soared, making this healthy food a must in the food world! Chirashi, bruschetta, nachos, guacamole, so many gastronomic variations that delight gourmets and enhance the flavours of all dishes. And this love for avocado materializes on social networks, since Instagram has more than 5 million photos with the hashtag “avocado”. And this craze is completely justified since superfoods are a mine of benefits for those who make them their health ally! Here are 7 reasons why you should eat this fruit every day.

Victim of a real mania, the lawyer has managed to hold the palm of the most “trendy” food of this decade. Hipsters are to blame? Nothing could be less certain since the fruit was ranked as the most popular fruit on the Pinterest photo-sharing network in 2015. And avocado fanatics are right, since it is an unstoppable source of benefits. Rich in good fats, full of nutrients, combined with good vision: these are just 3 benefits of eating this creamy fruit every day. In poke bowl or on toast, the super food can give you 10 health benefits that you would be wrong to do without.

The benefits of avocado

1- The avocado, a mine of nutrients

A small portion of avocado covers a large part of the recommended nutritional intake. And for good reason, this fruit contains many vitamins and minerals that it is good to favour in one’s daily diet. For a portion of 100 g, it provides the body with 39% of its daily needs in vitamin B9, 20% of its needs in vitamin E and 9% of its needs in vitamin C, as many nutrients that it is good to consume regularly for the proper functioning of the body. When you take a look at his nutritional values, there is no doubt: his reputation is certainly not stolen!

2- The avocado, your cardiovascular ally

Because of its content of monounsaturated fatty acids (omega 9), the star of our plates is a food to be preferred for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The reason? This greedy and creamy fruit increases levels of good cholesterol and has the effect of reducing triglycerides, which increase the accumulation of lipids in the arteries. A healthy habit validated by science since, according to one study, this food combined with a balanced diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3- To prevent and control diabetes

To regulate blood sugar levels, the avocado is a natural remedy! And we owe these valuable mechanisms to the monounsaturated fatty acid content of the food. It is scientifically proven: eating this fruit is a good healthy gesture to maintain its glycemic index. A convincing argument to invite this food more often in our seasonal salads!

4- An ally during pregnancy

Expectant mothers should be delighted with this news, which will encourage them to stop skimping on the avocado. And with good reason, this creamy fruit is rich in folates, an essential nutrient for the proper neural development of babies. And this is not the only source of growth for the foetus, since the food is also full of potassium and monounsaturated fats, which are recommended to support maternal health during pregnancy. This fact is scientifically proven since it is recommended by researchers in a diet designed for satisfactory fetal development.

5- The friend of your eyes

Just like the carrot, the creamy fruit is a food to be recommended to preserve one’s vision. And with good reason: avocados contain zeaxanthin and lutein, phytochemical compounds that improve the absorption of carotene, a substance essential for eye health.

6- An unstoppable source of magnesium

Ideal for reducing stress and overwork, magnesium is a recommended nutrient. And to find some, simply favour avocado flesh gorged with this mineral salt!

7- Your digestive ally

Difficult transit? Creamy fruit is then a natural remedy that is just right. We essentially owe these digestive mechanisms to the high fibre content of the food.

The consumption of avocado is prohibited in the case of gallstones or liver problems.