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Here’s how to detoxify your body from sugar in 10 days

While sugar is part of the diet of most people, few realize that this product from sugar beet or cane is present in the vast majority of processed foods. As a result, this food can not only be the cause of many illnesses but also of weight gain that can compromise health over time. To protect your body from its dangers, it is essential to limit your sugar intake or even, for the most reckless, to stop it. Here’s how to wean yourself off this product in 10 lessons.

If the body needs glucose to be fully functional, consuming industrial sugar can be detrimental to health. And with good reason: industrial sugar is responsible for diabetes, but also for obesity, a metabolic disease that has several harmful consequences for both body and mind. Here are some effective tips to help you overcome your sugar addiction.

Striking figures

The counters of these statistics translate in real time the sugar consumption of the French. In just five hours, the inhabitants of France consumed no less than 12,000 squares of sugar. And these figures are all the more striking because the statistical institute reveals that in France, its inhabitants consume no less than 2,200,000,000 kilos of sugar per year, or 2.2 million tons of this product from the flourishing industry. And its conclusions from the statisticians’ calculations don’t stop there: according to their estimates, the French have nothing to envy the big sugar consumers with the considerable ratio of 25 to 35 kilos of sugar per inhabitant.

This consumption is thus above the world average and places the country of 60 million inhabitants among the worst performers. On a global scale, the statistics are no less representative of the share of household sugar consumption. According to the statistics institute, 175 million tonnes are consumed worldwide. According to the ISO, world sugar consumption is increasing steadily, i.e. by 2.5% per year. Alarming information when we are aware of its harmful effects on health.

A ubiquitous and dangerous product for your health

This Imperial College of London study published in 2015 is far from optimistic. According to their research arm, the impact of sugary drinks is estimated at 184,000 deaths per, 133,000 of which are attributed to diabetes. Researchers at the University of Waterloo (Canada) are just as fatalistic. According to them, the next twenty-five years will be punctuated by more than 63,000 sugar-related deaths. According to Edouard Pelissier, a surgeon specializing in oncology, this industrial product is responsible for deleterious effects on health. “The links between sugar and multiple diseases such as obesity, heart problems and metabolic syndrome have now been established. It has also been observed that there is a 20 to 25% increase in the risk of diabetes between people consuming too much sugar and those who respect the recommendations,” the specialist in the field is alarmed.

Sugar weaning: necessary provisions

Although sugar is now part of our daily diet, few are aware of the addictive content of this refined product. According to this study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, sugar addiction is similar to that of cocaine, alcohol and heroin. However, this process of addiction can be overcome with discipline but also with the application of new habits. Here’s how to get off this harmful substance in ten days.

– Make a Resolute Decision: Knowing the dangers of sugar is a necessary step to take this positive initiative for your health.

– Eating natural foods : The vast majority of processed foods contain sugar, even if they do not have a sweet aroma. Cooking at home is a useful way to meet this requirement.

– Avoid industrial drinks: These contain considerable amounts of sugar. Be sure to look carefully at the nutritional information on each of your foods.

– Favour proteins: Proteins promote a feeling of satiety, ideal for resisting cravings, especially those that make us want to eat sugar.

– Healthy carbohydrates: Favour natural carbohydrates, which are an excellent alternative to sugar. Peas, onions, zucchini, all foods that can satisfy your need for this nutrient.

– Nutritious fats: Rich in omega 3, foods rich in good fats are important to purify your body. Among them: nuts, salmon but also avocados.

– Sleep well: Getting enough rest helps you avoid sugar cravings, caused by fatigue and slowing down your metabolism.