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The 6 techniques of celebrities to stay young

Whether we worship them or not or criticize their behaviour, we must recognize that celebrities are generally the paradigm of charm and beauty.

One of their particularities is that they look younger than their age. How about we use some of their techniques to make us look young?

1- Eat plenty of citrus fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and citrus fruits, including lemons, grapefruits and oranges, are rich in ascorbic acid, a natural antioxidant. These fruits act as the main element of collagen, a protein that binds cells together to form tissues and represents 25% of the body’s proteins. Collagen production is essential for the skin’s suppleness and firmness and prevents the appearance of early wrinkles. It is, therefore, the central element of many moisturizers. Celebrities therefore consider that the more citrus fruits they consume, the softer their skin will be.

2- Avoid alcoholic beverages

The days when celebrities spent their time going back and forth to alcoholic detox centres, the haggard mine, are over. Today, most of them drink as little alcohol as possible.

The reason? Beyond the euphoria it can provide at the time, alcohol causes skin deterioration due to dehydration and, after some time, flaccid and wrinkled skin.

A musical star said that it was even better to lie in the sun without protection than to consume excessive amounts of alcohol. This causes the arteries and skin to dilate, so that every time a person drinks it, their blood vessels dilate and remain so until the effect of alcohol has worn off. Finally, excessive alcohol consumption can deplete reserves of vitamin A, an important antioxidant.

3- Avoid coffee

Despite the antioxidants it contains, excessive coffee consumption causes dehydration and causes the body to get rid of necessary fluids and nutrients. This makes the skin look like crepe paper.

A country music diva explained that excessive coffee consumption caused discoloration of her teeth and the appearance of wrinkles around her eyes. Celebrities who drink coffee recommend drinking a glass of fresh water right after.

4- Drink plenty of water

No one disputes the fact that drinking plenty of water gives the skin a healthier look by moisturizing it from the inside. In addition, drinking water helps to eliminate toxic elements, which improves the appearance of the skin. Paris Hilton said she drinks more than ten glasses of water a day, otherwise she finds her skin dry, dull and grey.

5- Limit exposure to the sun

Exposing the skin to sunlight increases the risk of aging due to free radicals. If you can’t avoid it, apply a good quality sunscreen. A former Mickey Club resident used SPF 50 cream for her face and neck and SPF 35 cream for her body to get the golden tan she wanted.

6- Hydrate

Finally, for celebrities, using a night cream could be the most basic, but also the most essential of their beauty secrets, just like the average person. They choose creams containing proven anti-aging compounds, such as retinol. Night creams can reduce the effects of aging and external factors on the skin.